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It’s not about the job, it’s about the experience. We encourage individuals to bring real passion to their jobs, we teach them how to deal with real life business challenges and coach them to become successful in the path they choose. We strive to create an exceptional environment for our employees, shaped by fair practices, and excellent opportunities for career growth and a working culture that embraces diversity.

Click on VVF Voices to know what some of our employees have to say about us.

Here’s what some of our employees have to say about life at VVF.

Vijay Mhatre
Job Designation: Manager – Business & Project Finance Department: Oleochemicals - Business Management VVF Location: India Year of Joining: 2011

Getting to work at VVF was a dream come true, because I wanted to work for the best in the business. I joined the Mumbai office in the midst of a global financial crisis, which created a work environment that was perfect for building a solid foundation to my career.

Every day I’m learning something, whether it’s about new products or the regulatory environment we operate in. I’ve also had the opportunity to attend numerous inspirational and informative training courses.

But more than that, it’s working with such a great team of people that not only enhances my working knowledge of the industry, but also helps me to develop both professionally and personally. In a company like VVF where there’s such a diversity of talent, working as a team not only helps your group operate on a daily basis - it’s crucial to helping you grow together in the long run.’

Sunil Singh
Job Designation: Vice President - Operations Department: Personal Care Products Manufacturing VVF Location: India Year of Joining: 2012

The freedom to take actions that is granted at VVF makes it a very special place to work. The depth of knowledge and expertise that our team of professionals bring to our business is very tangible, and this is what gives us our competitive edge. Another great thing about working here is that everyone is approachable and there is no red tape barring open communication.

My last two years working with VVF have been very enriching, gratifying and fulfilling. I was able to streamline the operations at our factories across India and was able to deliver superlatively in terms of productivity improvement, cost reduction, better work culture and superior customer service with a ‘felt leadership presence’ on the shop floor. As a professional, I could hone up my technical and managerial skills and at the same time, could acquire new skills such as stakeholder management and managing a bigger terrain of varied portfolios.’

Mr. Hariharsubramanian
Job Designation: Vice President VVF Location: VVF Singapore Pte. Ltd. Year of Joining: 2009

After years of experience spanning over 32 years as CEO of various companies in the Oleochemical and allied fields and with a multi functional exposure to diverse functions like production, projects and international marketing I took up this assignment as Vice President VVF Singapore Pte Ltd. I had the initial experience of oil buying for the manufacture and marketing of SOAP NOODLES, GLYCERINE, SLES, LABBSA, ETHOXYLATES, TEXTILE LEATHER CHEMICALS and SPECIALITY CHEMICALS.

As the head of the organization in Singapore and with a keen interest in the products and market development, it was a new ground but, with the initial support and guidance of Dr. Gaikwad - Director & President Special Projects and the belief of our Chairman and MD Mr. Rustom Joshi, I took over the function.  It has been a great experience and I have enjoyed my work as well as the cultural interactions in Singapore. I have been able to give my best and work very cohesively with the team who also has grown with the organization.


I have also been able to exploit my professional expertise in brand building and trading, and today VVF Singapore Pte. Ltd. is an accepted brand and a reliable supply partner for many companies and the proof is the retention of its customer base. We continue to add new markets to our trading portfolio both by way of geography and products. We have a mix of high volume commodities and high margin specialty products in our portfolio and are considered a reliable business and trade hub in the global market today.

This has been managed with a lean work force and we are planning to augment our team and grow globally.

Saurabh Saxena
Job Designation: Deputy General Manager Department: Sales & Marketing VVF Location: Dubai Year of Joining: 15th April 2012

I joined GPI in April 2012 to further my career at an emerging multinational company in the B2B environment. Little had I expected that VVF will customize a role for me that would provide opportunities to contribute to the Contract-manufacturing as well as Company-owned-brands verticals of the organization. Painstaking efforts by VVF exemplified its philosophy of providing fulfilling careers to the employees.

My short journey of over two years at VVF has been marked with small successes which not only contributed to VVF’s globalization journey but also gave me opportunities to learn and develop. An environment of fairness, transparency and empowerment has enabled me to take independent, responsible actions for the symbiotic growth of the organization and my individual career.

After joining VVF, I have realized the importance which VVF attaches to its core principle, not only from the perspective of its customers but also from viewpoint of all its employees-to be a partner of choice.

Any specific courses taken as part of their career in VVF- I have undergone trainings on Emotional Intelligence and Situational Self Leadership at VVF. I am also reading for an Executive MBA degree offered by London Business School.

Milind Kadam
Job Designation: Asst. General Manager Department: Supply Chain VVF Location: Dubai

I have spent over 9 years at VVF and it seems like a dream run. VVF has played an important part in building my career.

The organization has taken giant strides over the past decade and achieved phenomenal success.

In the process, it has also provided ample opportunities to its people. I had the opportunity to work in various functions beginning with planning and today leading the Supply Chain operations in Dubai.

The work culture at VVF provides learning as well as empowerment to independently take your own decisions. This drives team spirit and camaraderie within the organization. With forays in new markets & customers, this can only get better.

Curt Konrardy
Job Designation: Vice President – Operations Department: Management VVF Location: United States Year of Joining: 2009

Prior to joining VVF, I worked 25 years for larger Fortune 500 companies across various facilities manufacturing consumer products in the areas of foods, laundry care, and personal care. Coming to VVF has been an absolute pleasure and rewarding experience for me.

What I believe separates VVF from other companies is the culture throughout the entire organization. Employees are valued for their skills and capabilities and given opportunities to truly make a difference. There is a strong entrepreneurial spirit in the organization and employees have the autonomy to make decisions as business owners.

The opportunities for career growth in the VVF organization are tremendous, both from an advancement standpoint as well as developmental. The level of knowledge and expertise is very strong throughout the company and not just by those who directly manage a specific part of the business but all the way up through the Chairman. With VVF having a long-term focus on growth and success, I continue to see excellent career growth opportunities for our employees in the future.

Kathy Zelfer, SPHR
Job Designation: HR Manager Department: Human Resources VVF Location: United States - Kansas City, Kansas Year of Joining: 2010

VVF opened its first location in the United States in Kansas City, Kansas in 2007. When I joined in 2010 they were well on their way to becoming a premier contract soap and deodorant manufacturer in the United States. It has been very exciting to be a part of the steady growth of this company thru product development, diversification and partnerships with new customers.

Culture plays a big role in our success and overall employee satisfaction. Our management team has extensive expertise in the manufacturing field and encourages all employees to develop ownership and pride in the work they perform. We strive to achieve quality, safety and cost efficiency in our products while following high standards of integrity and concern for our staff, our customers, and the environment.

Professionally, I have worked in both public and privately held corporations in the past. VVF has provided me an excellent opportunity to use my skills and continue my career development. I appreciate being a strategic partner in the business and providing value to the company’s success. While VVF is a “Partner of Choice”, it is also a Very Very Fine organization to work for!