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Purpose and Principles
Vision, Mission and Values

At VVF, it is our firm belief that business and values are intimately intertwined into the foundation on which this organization is built. Our values inspire trust and transparency amongst our stake holders, which drives growth. VVF is committed to upholding these values at every stage.

Our mission is to positively impact lives by striving to be the best in the world at everything we do.

To be a professionally managed and agile multinational organisation committed to a culture of innovation and operational excellence.
We will accelerate our growth into new business segments and geographies, creating sustained value for our customers, employees and other stakeholders.


» We will openly share information that is relevant

» We will base decisions on facts and data

» We will have the courage to give or receive bad news

» We will be open to receiving and giving feedback without any fear


» We will deal with everyone in a fair and professional manner

» We will be straightforward in our communication

» We will seek the best solution for VVF as a whole, rather than restrict our thinking to what may be best for oneself or for one’s team

» We will not let our egos interfere with pursuing the best ideas

» We will act in ways that are consistent with the commitments made to customers, partners, shareholders, employees and any other stakeholders or the society at large

» We will comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the land


» We will deliver what we promise and promise what we can deliver

» We will assume ownership of decisions and actions in accordance with our authority and responsibility. We will consult if required but not shift ownership upward or downward for decisions or actions to be taken by us

» We will care for the personal and professional development of people in our team

» We will disagree without being disagreeable i.e. we will show due concern for others’ feelings and their right to express their point of view even if it differs from ours

» We will not take other people’s time for granted

» We will treat people with respect independent of their gender, background or status

» We will listen to others and understand their point of view before responding


» We will give ideas for continuous improvement

» We will encourage and promote ideas and evaluate them objectively

» We will seek to develop new products and services to meet customer needs

» We will seek to continually simplify and improve processes, procedures and activities

» We will challenge prevailing assumptions when warranted, and suggest better approaches

» We will encourage prudent risk taking and accept honest mistakes that may result from it

» We will strive to continuously learn and find solutions to unresolved problems


» We will respond swiftly to the changing needs of our customers, market opportunities and new emerging challenges

» We will be prompt in our response to customer complaints or issues

» We will respond to all queries of our stakeholders within 24 hours, or atleast send an acknowledgement and the date by which we can respond to them

» We will adapt and accept change and be an agent of positive change

» We will not hesitate to take the extra step to get things done


» We will trust our colleagues and their capabilities in delivering our organization’s goals

» We will assume a positive intent in whoever we deal with at work

» We will trust our team to deliver on team goals and work towards a win-win situation

» We will trust our supervisor and organization to have our best interest at heart